In-Place Monitoring Systems (IPMS)

Transformational Security’s IPMS systems are the most comprehensive RF spectral surveillance platforms ever built. Our IPMS software was originally designed for service in secure facilities to detect and notify users of potentially threatening RF transmissions. IMPS systems provide detection and radiolocation of clandestine transmitters that may exist within a protected area, such as a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), Secure Working Area (SWA), or corporate conference room.

Our IPMS solutions are architected in a generalized and modular fashion with the intent of permitting expansion and repackaging of the system to address needs in adjacent market segments such as spectral monitoring, SIGINT, and COMINT.

Engineering and Product Development

The focus of Transformational Security's engineering team is the design and integration of custom hardware- and software-based RF spectral monitoring, analysis, and collection management solutions.

The engineering team specializes in In-Place Monitoring Systems (IPMS) utilizing time-synchronous signal capture technology, which produces exceptional indoor emitter location accuracy. This technology is also applicable for portable monitoring systems.


TS custom builds software applications to integrate various hardware components for time-sensitive, security-related data filtering, viewing, storing, and mining. From single-application tablet appliances to networked client applications, TS provides custom solutions including applications built on the latest Microsoft .NET tools, firmware coding in C, and testing tools in LabVIEW.


TS specializes in the integration of state-of-the-art RF components and products to achieve the maximum possible specifications in RF scanning and detection systems. Our solutions feature fast, wideband receiving and data processing to maximize scanning and intercept potential.


In all TS projects, off-the-shelf solutions are sought, incorporating the best technologies available to address the need. In scenarios where no off-the-shelf solution exists, we can create custom hardware and software to meet our clients' most demanding requirements. Our designs are modular to facilitate upgrades and ease of maintenance as technologies advance.

Program Management

TS is involved in multiple complex, multimillion dollar programs driven by customer requirements. We follow standard systems engineering practices: requirements development, design reviews, implementation, and acceptance testing, resulting in a first-class product that fulfills the customer's requirement.

  • Fixed and deployable In-place Monitoring Systems
  • RF systems design and manufacturing
  • High-performance antennas and RF-over-fiber solutions
  • High-speed RF switch units
  • Countermeasures technology development
  • Security appliance development and systems design
  • Power line antennas, preselectors, and telemetry feedback for antennas and receivers