Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations

Transformational Security has leveraged the investment in the development of revolutionary RF protection systems to provide real-time, high-Probability of Intercept and high-Probability of Detection Spectrum Situational Awareness systems for tactical areas. These systems use distributed, connected, high-performance software-defined receivers to continuously sense the Electromagnetic Environment (EME) and provide operators and users of the system with a real-time, comprehensive view of the spectrum in the area of interest.

TS has designed the systems to provide intelligence from the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) and an understanding of the use of the EMS.

  • Electronic warfare mission – Providing real time target and threat situational awareness
  • Spectrum management mission – Providing a real time and forensic picture of the EMS
  • Signals intelligence mission – Autonomously searching for Signals of Interest
  • Signals mission - Assuring blue force communications in a contested, congested environment
  • Force Protection mission - Autonomous alert to the presence and location of red or threat emitters

These activities are made more effective by the system providing the following capabilities:

  • Real Time EMS Situational Awareness
    • Electronic Order of Battle
    • EMS Signature Recognition
    • Blue/Red Signal Identification and Geolocation
    • EW Battle Damage Assessment
  • Force Protection
    • Real Time Threat Warning and Geolocation
    • Unattended Persistent Surveillance
    • EMCON Effectiveness
    • Surveillance Detection
  • Signal Search and Alert
    • Signal of Interest (SOI) Autonomous and Continuous Search
  • Jamming/Interference Detection and Location