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Advanced hardware requires equally sophisticated software. We make high-performance tools to help visualize, aggregate, correlate, and inspect the detected RF spectral data.

IRIS Spectrum Software

The Integrated Receiver Information System software sets a new standard for SIGINT monitoring with all-in-one spectrum, trace, falling raster, and oscilloscope displays for SIGINT professionals. ▪ Details

Multi-Channel IPMS Software

An In-Place Monitoring System is the ultimate tool for signal detection and location. Our IPMS software maximizes signal detection and offers full signal geolocation. We have a hardware and software-based solution. ▪ Details

SWARM Wi-Fi Intelligence/Counterintelligence Software

SWARM is a Wi-Fi activity monitoring and characterization tool designed specifically for recording the Wi-Fi environment and discovering Wi-Fi–based threats within that environment. ▪ Details