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Secure Facility Support

We design, engineer, and build mission-essential technology for the some of the most challenging security projects in the world. Find out how we can be a resource for your agency.

Alarm System Software

We created the most flexible alarm panel software possible. Our high-security alarm software creates a virtual alarm panel that can operate on any laptop and can be customized for any security scenario. ▪ Details

Redeployable SCIF

The new R-SCIF incorporates cutting-edge physical and technical features to create one of the most innovative and secure, turnkey, portable SCIFs available. Designed to exceed all DCID 6/9 and ICS 705-1 requirements. ▪ Details

Field STC Measurement Kit

The Field STC Measurement kit tests the STC rating of a room, wall, or window. The lightweight system employs a wizard-based guidance system evaluating the STC rating for the barrier under test. ▪ Details

PED Vaults

Designed to meet DIA standards for storage of PEDs/Cell Phones inside a SCIF, the PED Vault prevents RF energy from entering or leaving the container and includes a Sound Masking System for complete security. ▪ Details