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Mobile Security

Stay secure while traveling with easy-to-deploy systems that set up quickly but don't sacrifice quality. Protect VIPs and sensitive information in temporary working areas, hotel rooms, and more.

Redeployable SCIF

The new R-SCIF incorporates cutting-edge physical and technical features to create one of the most innovative and secure, turnkey, portable SCIFs available. Designed to exceed all DCID 6/9 and ICS 705-1 requirements. ▪ Details

TripSite Portable Alarm System

Created for VIPs who travel with a security detail, the wireless DMP-based high security alarm system can be customized to meet specific travel needs. Includes custom case, panic, motion, & contact sensors. ▪ Details

Emergency Knock-Down Sensor

We create a simple yet powerful tilt sensor in the event there is a duress or panic situation. Simply tilt the unit 45 degrees and the relay will close. It perfect for VIP protection and high value asset monitoring. ▪ Details