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We design and manufacture highly specialized receivers that perform exceptionally at their given task, including wideband, lightning-fast RF energy detection, Wi-Fi landscape categorization, and more.

Atom Defender Receiver

The lightning-fast Atom Defender Surveillance Receiver is a wideband, multiple-input, phase-coherent, high-resolution RF acquisition and detection system perfect for local or remote IPMS signal monitoring activities. ▪ Details

Wi-Fi Awareness Sensor Platform

WASP supports security missions by offering an operational overview of active Wi-Fi devices in the detection area. A system with multiple sensors works in concert with the IRIS software suite from TS to provide awareness and geolocation data. ▪ Details

Power Line Antenna

With a wideband 300 Hz to 200 MHz front-end, the PLA-5 is a fifth-generation design and offers a no-compromises solution for detecting PLC signals on power lines or other signal-bearing conductors. ▪ Details