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Kits and Accessories

Preconfigured kits support travel missions where ease of use and quick setup are paramount. We also design and manufacture accessories to support RF systems.

TS-9000 Antenna Kit

The redesigned TS-9000 Rapid Deployment Antenna kit features 8 antennas optimized for frequency selectivity. It is the smallest kit of its kind. Let us design a custom kit to meet your acquisition needs. ▪ Details

TS-9200 Antenna Kit

The new compact TS-9200 Ultra Wideband Antenna Kit is perhaps the most unique antenna kit on the market. The kit features 5 new antennas; most designed and optimized using the very best in genetic algorithm tools. ▪ Details

TS-9400 Antenna Kit

The TS-9400 antenna kit provides the 5 basic tools needed for both wideband and directional coverage. Covering from 1 kHz to 21 GHz, this is the most versatile high-performance antenna kit available. ▪ Details

Mobile RF Preamplifier

Finding a high-quality, gain-bounded wideband preamplifier is not easy, but our 2 MHz to 21 GHz preamplifier does the job. Perfect for SIGINT and multiband communications applications. ▪ Details