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Power Line Antenna

Power Line Antenna


Spectrum Coverage

  • PLA-5: 150 Hz–500 MHz
  • PLA-5U: dc–500 MHz

A no-compromises solution for detecting signals on power lines and other signal-bearing conductors

The Cost of Convenience

Electrical transmission lines transport power, but they can also be used to transmit Power Line Carrier (PLC) signals for command, control, and communication purposes. At high frequencies, power line cables are very good, convenient antennas.

But with the benefits come risks: Data coupled onto power lines can contain compromising or unintended signals subject to intercept and exploitation by unauthorized recipients. Operators need a way to detect these PLC signals safely and reliably.

Our Solution

A next-generation solution for today’s demanding analysis needs, our new high-performance Power Line Antenna (PLA) module was designed with safety, performance and signal detection in mind. The PLA is a critical component to help detect signals on:

  • Power lines
  • Telephone lines
  • Cable TV feeds
  • LAN cables
  • Low-voltage cables
  • Fire, alarm, and access wires
  • Other potential signal-bearing conductors


  • Multiple optimized input paths
  • IEC for wall outlet AC
  • DC for phone, cable, and LAN
  • External RF input feed
  • Rated for both 110 and 220 V ac operations
  • Max input rating an impressive 240 V ac for PLA input
  • Programmable attenuation
  • Local or remote command with automated switch between phase, neutral, and ground
  • Dual buffered outputs allow connection of conditioned signal for two devices at once
  • Optional up converter brings dc–25 MHz to Intermediate Frequency of 70 MHz to help analyze signals too low for many receivers
  • Remotely control and command the PLA for automated rapid scan applications

Part Numbers

PLA-5Power Line Antenna


Range—Aux150 Hz–500 MHz
Range—DC200 Hz–300 MHz
Range—PLA (AC)2 kHz–300 MHz
InputsThree optimized paths: AC (max input 240 V ac), dc, auxiliary
OutputsOutput 1
Output 2 (doubles as optional up converter output)
Audio output (3.5 mm stereo headphone jack)
Up converter (optional)Converts dc–25 MHz up to a 70 MHz IF
Center frequency: 70 MHz
Bandwidth: 25 MHz