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Our audio partner has years of professional audio experience that have helped shape government-grade detection and speech extraction products, which we integrate into innovative solutions.


The all-in-one SpeechMask generator unit combines superior signal processing, best-in-class digital amplifier technology, and N-channel signal processing to create the first speech-masking generator targeted at voice privacy. ▪ SpeechMasking Website

Voice-Masking Generator

The VMG is a portable direct-field Sound Masking System (SMS) designed for a variety of speech-masking applications. It is battery- or dc-operated with pre-programmed masking audio and a 4 W amplifier. ▪ Details

ID•EA Audio Enhancement System

The ID•EA unit is the first in deployable audio enhancement systems designed for technical investigators who require the ruggedness of a hardware-based recording solution for audio enhancement application. ▪ Details


ClearChannel uses the SES audio enhancement core optimized for fully automated operation. It is the affordable solution for speech intelligibility for multiple live channels. Cleans up audio in real time without pushing a button. ▪ Details