Atom Defender Receiver

The Next Generation of Precision Detection

A Revolutionary Leap in Speed and Signal Detection Performance

The lightning-fast Atom Defender Surveillance Receiver is an ultra-wideband, fast-tuning, multiple-input, phase-coherent, high-resolution electromagnetic spectrum acquisition, detection and analysis system. This receiver is a complete, standalone system with excellent sensitivity and unprecedented spurious performance, making it ideal for local or remote signal reception, monitoring and analysis activities.

Light Footprint, Powerful Features

Its small size is optimized for superior SWaP implementaion into a variety of mission applications. Dual LAN interfaces, very accurate sync, and superior reliability make this system perfectly suited for fixed or portable environments.

Supports Critical Missions

This advanced receiver was designed for the most challenging SIGINT, force protection, TSCM, spectrum analysis, counter-jamming, IED detection and multiband communication applications. It performs reliably when faced with critical operations.

Select Features

  • Very fast sweep speeds
  • Ultra-wideband with instantaneous bandwidth from 240 MHz to 1 GHz
  • Advanced signal processing with 12-core signal processor, FPGA digital logic for multichannel analysis
  • Capable as standalone system or part of multi-sensor environment

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Atom Defender Receiver