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TSCM Devices

Our Technical Security Countermeasures devices are curated by industry professionals with years of field experience who use these tools to perform TSCM missions for high-profile clients.

Remote Inspection Kit

The Remote Inspection Kit features 5 tools to complete any Remote Visual Inspection task. Featuring an advanced compact ultra-portable videoscope with joystick control, this unit represents the best in RVI technology. ▪ Details

R2 Audio Amplifier

The two-channel R2 Remote Audio Preamplifier combines superior audio circuitry and digital control technology. Remote and manual gain/biasing adjustment for use with all 2 and 3 wire microphones. ▪ Details

Articulating Video Borescope

The Articulating Video Borescope redefines Remote Visual Inspections (RVI). The borescope is extremely portable, lightweight, and cost-effective for industrial maintenance and inspection applications. ▪ Details

Digital Mobile Microscope

The Digital Mobile Microscope is designed as a field solution for in-depth visual inspections. This 200× zoom microscope easily fits in the palm of your hand or even your shirt pocket and is a must-have magnification tool. ▪ Details